About the Firm

The Law Firm of Elizabeth Dick

The Oklahoma Internet Lawyer is founded by owner attorney Elizabeth Dick. She graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law and is devoted to helping her clients make informed, quality decisions, while knowing the costs up front with flat fee billing. Clients receive a unique experience as limited scope legal services are offered through her virtual practice. This type of service, while not reasonable for every case, offers significant savings to individuals needing help with legal advice, counseling, document assistance, and procedural guidance. Services are available for divorce, child custody, paternity, estate planning and more. 

Listen to the Podcast clip below to learn more about Elizabeth's passion for giving an increased number of Oklahoma litigants access to justice through her virtual legal services practice model. Through a virtual model, clients can meet with their attorney during times convenient for working adults. Phone consultation and video conferencing are available during evenings and weekends, and the client portal allows for document exchange and unlimited messaging that will always be included in the flat fee. 


Keep Control

The Oklahoma Internet Lawyer provides a unique experience by offering clients control over the role their attorney will play in their case, as well as the benefit of knowing the costs upfront.

More than Just Forms

The Oklahoma Internet Lawyer connects clients with an Oklahoma licensed attorney through a secure client portal, so individual questions can be answered and documents can be shared securely.

Fast & Convenient Service

Without having to leave the comfort of your home, you can contact an Oklahoma attorney through the Oklahoma Internet Lawyer. Client portal messages are answered usually within 24 hours.