How Does This Work?

What is a Virtual Lawyer?

A virtual lawyer is a real lawyer with the same responsibilities as any other lawyer in the state. Services are provided online, through secure messaging and video conferencing. A virtual lawyer will not be going to court with you. However, for one flat fee, you will be provided all documents related to your case, unlimited messaging with an Oklahoma licensed attorney, and a 30-minute phone or video consultation.

Only Need A Consultation?

If only a consultation is needed (for legal advice without any documents to be drafted), a consultation may be booked simply by clicking the calendar. If documents are required to meet your legal needs, please follow the simple step by step process listed below.

Step 1:

Review the Prices & Services Page to make sure Elizabeth can help you in the area you are seeking help. Keep in mind that court filing and personal service fees are additional expenses. Elizabeth does not pay any third party on your behalf.

Step 2:

Fill out the “Contact Elizabeth” form on the Contact Page.

Step 3:

Once she receives your contact form, and there is no conflict with Elizabeth giving you advice (for instance, your soon-to-be ex-spouse hasn’t contacted her already), you will be emailed an invitation to create a “client portal” account. 

Step 4:

Once your client portal account is active (with a password you create), you will be sent a secure message containing a fee agreement and a link to a fillable form specific to your legal needs. Elizabeth will begin drafting your documents once you submit these forms  (with a photo ID) and will notify you when they are completed. You will receive an invoice for the total amount due at this time. If you would like to arrange a payment plan for this amount, please just ask! 

Step 5:

When you are ready to schedule a phone or video consultation, please send a message to Elizabeth through your portal account and let her know. You may also send unlimited messages through your client portal, as all communication with Elizabeth is included in the flat fee amount. 

Step 6:

Once the invoice is paid, you will receive personalized documents through your secure client portal account. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to file and serve your documents (if filing and service are necessary). If estate planning services are being provided, you will receive detailed instructions such as how to sign your documents, how to fund your trust, and other important information related to estate plans. Regardless of your legal need, Elizabeth will try to guide you with instructions every step of the way.